Vienna is a gorgeous place to live, and it’s not only us saying this! Originally from France, we have been living over 14 years in this top city… and year after year, grew the idea of  bringing a little bit of ourselves to the city’s life.  We are Anne and Hanae, mother & daughter and in December 2016 opened  our concept store in Vienna and now online: l’Adresse Concept Store!

L’Adresse Concept Store exclusively offers pretty things, very carefully picked: original, high quality, small series, promoting young designers, respectful of humankind and nature…

Come and visit, again and again…

Be surprised, again and again…

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anne hanae hildegaard


Our concept store features over 60 labels, from all over the place, as we find them, along our travel!

A lot from France, easy for us Frenchies, but also from right here in Vienna at the corner of the street, and the UK, India, Italy, Spain, Poland,  USA, Portugal, Colombia… There are no borders to creativity and quality!