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Survival kit

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New Daddy Survival Kit is the ultimate gift set for any new dad or dad-to-be. Created by fellow dads to help ease him into the joys of parenthood…

He won’t be getting much rest for the next 12 months so this personalised gift set contains a heavenly bath oil. The brand make it themselves with a calming blend of sandalwood and lavender. It is the perfect excuse for him to escape into the bath for some relaxation behind a locked door.

It also comes with nose pegs and biohazard bags (needed for nappy changes), as well as ear plugs and an eye mask for catching some sleep at every opportunity.

-50ml Bath Oil. Made with restorative almond oil, hand-blended with Vitamin E and essential oils. Soak into a deep, warm bath and enjoy the calming aroma of the finest essential oils. The perfect escape from the trials of new parenthood.
-Nose Pegs. For such small people, babies can make a big smell. It’s good to have protection.
-Biohazard Diaper Bags. Enough said.
-Sleep Mask. A new baby is a magical addition to the family. But he will be thankful for any moment of sleep he can get.
-Ear Plugs. Why didn’t he hear the baby crying even though it’s his turn to get up in the night? Plausible deniability.

New Daddy Survival Kit by Atlantic Folk

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